Orthotics Aren't Just for Athletic Shoes Anymore

Nightlife in Houston is always hopping with award-winning restaurants, live music, pubs and more. Of course, these are not activities you would want to do in your smelly old sneakers! If you are missing out on fun, just sitting at home because of foot pain, and the only time your feet feel good is when you’re wearing your running shoes with your orthotics inside, we’ve got great news – orthotics aren’t just for athletic shoes anymore! Custom Orthotics

You can get a pair of custom orthotics that work in dress shoes for out on the town, or even slip some inside certain sandals for more casual events. These devices offer the same corrective features, customized to meet your individual needs, and are not only designed to fit your foot, but the shoe you wish to wear as well!

Don’t want to switch from shoe to shoe? No worries! Many times, patients request both a pair of custom orthotics for athletic activities and another for work or dressy events. This ensures your feet are always comfortable and pain-free no matter what you happen to be doing.

When looking for shoes that will best accommodate orthotics, choose styles with wide and deep toe boxes, removable insoles, and snug heels. Also, keep in mind that you may need a slightly larger size, so it’s a good idea to try on new shoes with your orthotics in them to ensure the perfect fit.

You know what all this means? You can get off the couch, head out to town, and have some fun – in whatever shoes you choose! With custom orthotics, you won’t have to worry about foot pain slowing you down no matter what footwear is on your feet. To find out more or make an appointment, just dial (713) 493-7372 to contact our Houston, TX office. We’ll help you paint the town red without any pain! Ask about a second pair of custom orthotics today.

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