How Orthotics Help with High Arches

Custom OrthoticsThere are 66, 060 running trails in Houston – that’s a lot of trails! If you set out to cover a lot of distance, you probably want to bring along plenty of water, snacks, and other essentials, but have you ever tried running with a heavy back pack? It’s difficult because your center of balance is thrown off and weight is unevenly distributed. That’s kind of what happens when you run with high arches. Sure, they’re not carrying a bunch of gear, but they are carrying your entire bodyweight and certainly not in an efficient manner!

In fact, when you have a high arch in your foot, your heel and the ball of your foot carry more than their fair share of weight! Because of this imbalance, your foot has more difficulty absorbing shock evenly each time you take a step, which can lead to injury, heel pain, ball of foot pain, hammertoes, and aching, painful arches. It can even cause instability and a condition called foot drop which weakens muscles in your foot, making you have to drag it. Are you destined to a life of pain and poor athletic performance, though? Not if you get some custom orthotics in your shoes!

Orthotics can help those with high arches by providing much needed arch support and added cushion, and distributing weight evenly, taking pressure off your heel and ball of foot. Shock absorbency is regulated and your foot is stabilized, all from a little device that sits inside your shoe! Of course, the key is to custom make orthotics to follow the exact contours of your feet and address your individual needs – just any old insert is not going to cut it. However, reducing pain and risk of injury, and helping to improve athletic performance, make custom orthotics a worthwhile investment, indeed!

So, along with that water and power bar, don’t forget to slip some orthotics in your shoes! Call us to find out more or to get started on your custom pair today, so you can hit the trails pain-free.

You can reach our Houston, TX office at (713) 493-7372. We’ll help your high arches stop hindering your run!

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