Hammertoe Post Holiday Blues

Whew! You made it through the holidays and all the parties. You can take your dresses to the dry cleaners and kick off those high heels for a while, which is good because more than likely, your feet are killing you – and how about your toes? Are they causing you pain when you try to wear shoes or walk? Are they stuck in a curled downward position? Causes of hammertoes can range from injury, to inherited foot structure, to arthritis, but perhaps the most common culprit is wearing tight and pointy shoes – you know, like the holiday heels you’ve been living in lately!

If your toes are abnormally bent, acquiring rough patches on the joints jutting upward, and are difficult to wiggle or straighten, hammertoes are forming and you should act fast so they don’t stay that way!

This condition is progressive and if left untreated, your toes will stiffen and get stuck in the hammer-like position they’re in, with surgery becoming the only option to straighten them.

To avoid starting your New Year with a surgical procedure, quick – swap out your high heels for a comfy pair of shoes offering plenty of wiggle room for your toes and support for your arches. Orthotics can be helpful to provide added support where needed and distribute weight evenly, taking pressure away from your toes. There are also stretches you can do to keep your toes flexible and splints you can wear at night to help your toes remain in proper position.

Remember, the next time you need to dress up, high heels and hammertoes often go together, so be sure to wear those stylish stilettos sparingly! Save them for special occasions only and don’t keep them on too long.

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