What Arch Type Are You?

Fred Flintstone’s feet are pretty darn flat. That could be because, well, it’s just how he was designed. It could also be because of his weight or perhaps an injury from him using his feet as car brakes all the time!

Sure, he’s just a cartoon character, but there are plenty of real-life people out there who have a similar issue, just as there are plenty of folks with high arches or perfectly normal ones. The type of arch you have can affect your feet in various ways, including causing you pain or leaving you prone to injury. Knowing your arch type can help you to identify possible problems and address them accordingly. How do you figure out such a thing? Here’s a simple trick:

Step into a shallow pan of water.

Now, step onto a piece of paper with that same foot.

Step off and take a look at the footprint you left behind.

If you see about half of your arch filled in – congratulations, you have a normal arch type and likely have no pain or problems at all.

If you see all of your arch filled in, your feet are as flat as Fred’s.

If only the outside of your foot is visible in the middle of your footprint, that means you have high arches.

Okay, so now what? Well, if your feet are flat, yet you have no pain or problems, hooray! You’re one of the lucky ones who don’t need any treatment. However, if you have sore arches, heel pain, swelling or stiffness that is inhibiting your activities, it is likely due to your foot over pronating (rolling too far inward) because of your lack of arch. A pair of custom-made orthotics can provide the support you need exactly where you need it, correcting your step and put an end to your symptoms.

On the other end of the spectrum, high arches are unable to absorb shock correctly or distribute weight evenly, thus you may experience pain in the balls of your feet and heel. Your feet may also be forced to roll too far outward resulting in additional problems. In this case, orthotics can be used to redistribute weight evenly and add cushion where you need it most.

No matter what your arch type, if you’re having difficulty enjoying normal activities, we recommend orthotic shoe inserts (and definitely not barefoot braking!)

Learn more about how we can help your high or flat arch by giving us a call in Houston, TX at (713) 493-7372. We’ll have you back to your pain-free, active life before you can say, “Yabba-dabba-doo!”
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