2018 Foot Care Resolutions

Making any resolutions this year? Most of us do, but sticking with them is a different story. Science says it takes about three weeks to make even small changes to your habits permanent; more drastic changes take longer. Many of us don’t even get that far—but those who do often find that benefits are incalculable and lifelong.

One way you can help make 2018 your best year yet? Resolve to take great care of your feet this year!

You see, foot health is a foundational component of overall wellness—and we’re not just saying that because we’re a foot care clinic! It really does make sense when you think about it. Feet are required for just about any occupation, hobby, or activity that contributes to fitness, wellness, and happiness.

Maybe you have a job that requires you to be on your feet all day. Maybe you’re an athlete. Maybe you really enjoy going for long walks, or riding your bike, or shopping, or … you name it! If your feet hurt, all these activities become much more difficult. You can’t keep up as long as you used to. You stop enjoying them. You end up spending more time crashing on the couch or the bed instead of getting out and about. And little by little, your fitness and health decline, making it even harder to start over.

So, treat your feet right and they’ll treat you right! Did you struggle with your feet in 2017? Did you experience:

  • Heel pain that made getting out of bed torture every morning?
  • Bulging bunions that made it difficult just to put on a pair of shoes?
  • Wobbly ankles left by old sprains that never fully healed?
  • Stiff and arthritic joints that impaired your ability to stay active?
  • Foot wounds that take forever to heal?
  • Ugly or painful toenails that have become ingrown or infected with fungus?

Whatever issues were bothering your feet in 2017, the Houston Foot Specialists can help you reverse your fortune in the new year! Attentive and advanced care, coupled with improved habits at home (better shoes, good hygiene, etc.), will make the difference. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Aleisha Allen, call us today at (713) 469-3232.