Orthotics Can Be a Big Help for Little Feet Too

We’re in the home stretch of summer and you know what that means? Back-to-school shoe shopping! First, though, you should come on in to get your child’s feet assessed to ensure they stay healthy and pain-free for the fall! If kids are having problems, custom orthotics could very well provide the help they need. That’s right, orthotic shoe inserts aren’t just for adults, children can benefit from them, too!

Orthotics for Little FeetWe can design orthotics for kids to help correct flat feet and their effects on your child’s gait. Perhaps your little one could use a little added support in the arch or cushion in the heel, or maybe your child needs help directing pressure away from problem areas like a bunion beginning to form. Just as with adults, orthotics for children’s shoes can address structural and biomechanical issues and provide support and comfort where needed. That way, foot pain and problems will not get in the way of running around at recess or playing school sports!

Let’s face it, from athletic competitions to marching band to gym class, kids’ feet are put to the test when the school bell rings, so make sure they’re ready! Schedule a visit before the summer wraps up and school begins. That way, your child can try on those new shoes with their new orthotics and start the school year out strong.

Call (713) 493-7372 to set up an appointment at our Houston, TX office today, and find out if orthotics for kids could be right for your child’s feet.

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