Back-to-School Shoe Shopping 101

It’s that time of year again. Soon kids will be heading back to school, but before they go, better check their shoes! Kids grow fast and odds are new shoes are in order. Sure, you’d like to save some headaches and just take a guess at the size so you can leave your child at home, but believe us, this will cause more headaches in the future, not to mention foot pain in your child if you guess wrong!

Instead, have your child in tow so his or her feet can be measured, and shoes can be tried on for size right away. Make sure your child is trying on shoes with the socks he or she will typically be wearing, and if your little one has orthotics, bring those along as well so you can ensure the perfect fit.

Once you find a pair of shoes that fits well and offers plenty of support, you’re done, right? Not quite.

It’s a good idea to purchase a second pair so kids can rotate them and save you a trip back to the store if the first pair gets too worn. Many times, kids have gym class too, so secondary footwear may actually be required.

Okay, now you can head home, but make sure you check your child’s shoes regularly – like every few months -- as kids grow at different rates and you may have to buy a bigger size before the next school year rolls around -- sorry! At least you know the golden rules of back-to-school shoe shopping now, so if you have to buy more shoes, you can do so like a pro!

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