Are Your Kids' Shoes Too Tight or Just Right?

Kid's Feet

With all the expenses of back-to-school clothes, materials, back packs, haircuts, and more, it’s easy to be tempted to pass down your older child’s shoes to a younger sibling – don’t do it! Worn out shoes that have formed to someone else’s foot structure can have damaging effects on little feet and make them prone to problems and injury. Of course, trying to squeeze growing feet into last year’s footwear can cause issues too, ranging from black or ingrown toenails to bunions and blisters. So, as much as you’d like to save money and time, back-to-school shoe shopping is a must!

How do you know, though, if your children’s shoes are too tight, too big, or just right? Follow these tips to get the proper fit in kids’ shoes:

Take kids with you. It’s important to measure children’s feet as shoe sizes in growing kids tend to change rather quickly! Notice we said feet – as in plural. It is not uncommon for one foot to be larger than the other, so measure both, and if need be, choose the larger size.

Go late in the day. Feet naturally swell as the day goes on, so a late afternoon shopping trip will be sure to accommodate this.

Remember the rule of thumb. Make sure there’s a thumb’s width from the tip of the longest toe to the front of the shoe.

Check for snugness and slippage. You want the heel and sides to fit snugly but not too tight, but at the same time, not so loose that your kid’s foot slides around or slips up and down.

Perform the bend test. Fold the heel of the shoe up toward the toes – the bend should occur the same place as the natural bend of your child’s foot.

Inspect the soles. Be sure the outside sole is sturdy and has good tread, then check the insole for cushion and support.

Have your child take a test run. Tell your child to stand up, walk around, and even take a little jog to see how the new shoes feel. They should be comfy from the get go – there’s no such thing as breaking in shoes!

Follow these guidelines and you’ll be sure to get the proper fit! For more tips on taking care of kids’ feet, just give us a call! You can reach our Houston, TX office by dialing (713) 493-7372, or use our convenient online contact form to save time –that way you can get all your back-to-school shopping done!

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