Where in the World Did You Get That Wart?

Despite popular folklore, you can’t get warts from holding a frog any more than you can turn a frog into a prince by kissing it! Warts are actually caused by the human papillomavirus, or HPV, which needs but a tiny opening in your skin to enter.

The virus attacks the first layer of skin, causing it to grow rapidly and form a bump that can vary in shape and size. These growths can form alone or in groups, and be rough and rounded or flat and smooth. Sometimes a tiny dark spot can be spotted in the center. Although they can be unsightly and embarrassing, warts are typically not painful, unless of course they are on the bottom of your feet. These types of growths are called plantar warts and can be painful when weight is placed upon them as you step. Regardless of how warts looks or where they’re located, they’re always tough to get rid of and never welcome!

So where exactly can you pick up this wart-causing virus and what can you do to avoid it? Well, how you get warts might surprise you. Warts are highly contagious, so coming in contact with someone who has a wart can sometimes be all it takes! Sharing personal items like towels, razors, or nail clippers can spread the virus, as can simply walking barefoot in a gym locker room or poolside where others carrying the virus may have visited before you.

Your best bet is to keep your hands and feet clean and dry, always slip on shower shoes or sandals in public places and don’t share your personal stuff! If you do get a wart, cover it with a bandage and give us a call. We have a number of treatment options for warts that tend to provide better results than over the counter options.

Contact our Houston, TX office by dialing (713) 493-7372 and we’ll be happy to set up an appointment for you so you can kiss your wart goodbye and live happily ever after (prince or not)!

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