When Warts Attack

If you’re doing a little spring cleaning and changing your bed linens, before you toss that sheet in the laundry, consider wearing it instead! The annual Toga Fun Run is coming up May 13 at Clear Lake Park in Seabrook. Of course, if you’ve recently had an invasion of plantar warts, walking or running may be painful, making it difficult for you to join in on fun activities like these. Not to worry, though – we can help!

Warts form due to a virus that attacks the first layer of skin, causing an acceleration of growth, and piling up layers of flesh into an unsightly bump. They can show up alone or in clusters (called mosaic) and they most definitely spread. There are different types of warts, but the ones that appear on your feet include common warts – which are gray, rough, rounded, and most often found on toes – and plantar warts. This type is located on the soles of your feet and because of pressure placed upon them with every step, they grow inward instead of out. Plantar warts are characterized by a rough patch of skin with a tiny black dot in the middle.

So, what should you do when these types of warts attack? Unfortunately, over-the-counter remedies for warts typically take a long time to yield results, and often never do! However, we can provide prescription-strength medication or perform cryotherapy (a freezing technique) and in some cases, minor surgery to remove the growth. That way you can stop the invasion in its tracks and get back to enjoying your springtime fun!

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