What to Watch for When It Comes to Warts

Spring in Houston, Texas is full of fun-filled activities, many of which, ironically enough, can be found near the town of Spring! If you head on down to I-45 you’ll see signs for a water park, museum, and wildlife adventures -- all signs that you know you’re in for some fun, unlike spotting the signs of warts!

Let’s face it, warts are anything but fun, and can be incredibly stubborn. However, knowing the symptoms of warts will help you get treatment as early as possible, and that’s the key to getting rid of them before they get worse or spread!

A wart forms after the human papillomavirus, or HPV, enters your body via a scratch, cut, or other abrasion. This virus attacks the first layer of skin and accelerates its growth. Layers of skin then build up and form a flesh-colored bump – the first signs of trouble!

Now, this is when it gets tricky. There are different symptoms to watch for, because there are different varieties of warts! For instance, the bump can be rough, smooth, flat, and sometimes sport a black speck in the middle. If a wart is located on the bottom of the foot where pressure is placed upon it, the bump can even disguise itself by growing inward instead of out. Warts also vary in size and shape and can pop up by themselves or in a group. The moral of this story? As soon as you see a tiny bump with any of the characteristics described above, make an appointment with us right away! We will confirm whether the bump is indeed a wart and get you started on a treatment plan A.S.A.P.

You can contact our Houston, TX office at (713) 493-7372 or by using our online contact form. Don’t let these gruesome growths ruin your fun – as soon as you spot signs of warts, call us to get the help you need!

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