How to Get your Heels to Stop Hurting

Halloween is fast approaching, but if your heels are howling, you’re probably not looking forward to standing for long periods of time passing out candy, or walking the kids around to trick-or-treat. Don’t let heel pain ruin your fall fun. Get the treatment you need now so when the witching hour does arrive, you’ll be ready!

First, take a load off. Give your feet the rest they need by avoiding the activities that are causing your heels to hurt. Try some low-impact options in the meantime, such as biking or swimming. Make sure you wear shoes with well-cushioned soles, too. You can even get some extra help from heel cups or a pair of custom orthotics which can redistribute pressure away from sore heels, give your arches extra support, and provide additional cushion to boot!

If that’s still not enough to stop hurting heels from haunting you, ease your pain and swelling with ice and anti-inflammatory medicine, and ask us about physical therapy exercises and stretches you can do to keep the muscles and tendons in your feet from becoming too taut and pulling on your heel bone.

Stretches for your Achilles, calves, arches, and toes can help keep feet limber and ward off heel pain like garlic wards off vampires! You might even want to try night splints that hold your toes in a position to keep muscles and tendons from tightening up as you sleep. We have plenty more stretching tips and tricks on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

For more information on heel pain treatments, or to schedule an appointment to get you started on a pain-free path, call our Houston, TX office at (713) 467-8886 -- then let the trick-or-treating begin!

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