Quick, Easy Tips for Feet Worth Showing Off

The Gite Gallery here in Houston is currently displaying roughly 60 pieces of art by various famous and emerging artists from Cuba as part of its Afro-Cuban Art Collection. Gallerist Lloyd Gite took advantage of the recently-lifted sanctions on the Latin nation, experiencing the island “in its natural state” and exploring its art scene firsthand. What Gite found was a tremendous impact by Afro-Cuban people, especially with regards to the island’s artistic culture. Given the success of the exhibit, Gite plans to return to Cuba soon to collect more high-quality pieces for his gallery’s collection.

Impressive art work certainly deserves to be displayed, but so too do your uniquely-structured feet when they boast clear nails and smooth skin! Let’s take a look at some quick, easy tips to both prevent issues and restore your lower limbs health and vitality:

  • Use a scrub or pumice-based paste to soften the skin on your feet. Salt scrubs with added oils are fantastic for softening and hydrating the skin. Avoid using callus scrapers or razors, since these tools might break the skin and increase your risk of infection! Also, keep in mind that calluses do provide some protection, so do not completely strip them away.
  • Soak your feet to reduce swelling. If your feet are swollen, a quick soak can be quite beneficial. A mixture of a dozen ice cubes, rosemary leaves, and six drops of tea-tree oil will do the trick. Simply submerge your first foot for 30 seconds, and then bring it out and rub vigorously with a clean, soft towel. Repeat the process with your other foot!
  • Use a thick cream to hydrate the skin. Typically, foot creams are more viscous and thicker than body lotions because they are intended to deliver additional moisture. Find ones that contain glycerin, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, or petrolatum for optimal hydration. Apply liberally to the tops, bottoms, and heel areas after showering or bathing and before going to bed, but avoid the areas between your toes (this can increase fungal infection risk).
  • Schedule an appointment for fungal nail care. There are measures you can take to prevent toenail fungus from developing (wearing shower shoes in public areas, keeping feet dry, etc.), but you will need professional care to clear up the condition. Houston Foot Specialists can help, so contact us today!

We certainly offer more than preventative and restorative measures for clear nails and smooth skin on your lower limbs! We also provide comprehensive foot care for any issue that may be affecting your feet or ankles. Give our Houston, TX podiatry office a call at (713) 467-8886 and we will be glad to assist. If you’d prefer, simply schedule your appointment with us online today!

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