Why Your Shoe Choices Matter

Our Houston, TX community is home to millions of citizens who come from all walks of life and participate in a wide range of activities. Whether we are talking about work or recreational activities, men or women, young or old, there is an inescapable fact – people are usually wearing shoes while doing what they do. Shoe styles and types are quite possibly even more diverse than the people who sport them, but all footwear serves the basic function of protecting our feet.
This means that no matter which activities you love to perform or which tasks you need to complete, knowing how to choose the right shoes is an essential component of your foot health. If you spend time thinking about what this means for your feet, it can become a tad overwhelming, but we can break this down and make it easier for you.
Anytime you are shopping for new shoes, be sure to consider the following:

  • Do they fit correctly? Many foot and ankle issues could be avoided by simply wearing footwear that fits like it should. A shoe should firmly cradle the heel, but you should have room in the front for toes to wiggle (which is typically not the case for high heels). You should be able to slide your index finger down the back, up to your second knuckle, as well.
  • Do they provide arch support? Foot arches play a major role in helping your body absorb the physical forces that come with every step, and they contribute to proper biomechanical processes. Shoes, especially athletic footwear, should provide robust arch support to ease the force load on the arches.
  • Is there ample cushioning under the heel? Heel injuries can keep you out of your favorite activities, so make sure that your footwear choices include models that feature enough cushioning in the back. This is especially important for those of you who enjoy running.
  • Are they constructed from breathable materials? A major step in preventing fungal and bacterial infections is to keep feet as dry as possible. To that end, shoes that are made out of breathable materials like leather or nylon mesh are best.

For more information on how to choose shoes and why footwear choices make a difference in your foot health, contact Houston Foot Specialists. We can also answer any questions you have to ensure that your footwear choices are the right ones. Either give us a call at (713) 467-8886 to speak with one of our staff members or schedule a visit with our Houston, TX office online today.

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