Treatment Options for High Foot Arches

We’ve previously looked at some of the issues that can arise on account of cavus foot, but it’s also quite important to understand what is available with regard to treatment options for high foot arches.

As with any foot or ankle condition we treat at Houston Foot Specialists, we normally address high arch issues with conservative methods before recommending surgical procedures. The good news is that nonsurgical options can be quite successful, including:

  • Shoe modifications – Footwear that features wide heels and high tops provide stability and added ankle support.
  • Bracing – A brace may also be used for stability, especially when foot drop is also present.
  • Orthotic devices – This is a valuable treatment option because orthotics are customizable to a patient’s unique feet and gait patterns.

Naturally, we hope to achieve the desired results through any of those paths, but there are cases that require surgery to correct the condition and provide optimal relief. Surgical procedures that can be used for cavus foot include:

  • Tendon transfers – Some cases of high foot arches happen on account of excessive pull from certain tendons and this might be corrected by lengthening or moving a tendon.
  • Bony surgery – Whereas some patients benefit exclusively from soft tissue surgery, it may be necessary to make bone cuts to correct the structural abnormality.
  • Dorsiflexion osteotomy – Performed on the first metatarsal, this procedure flattens out the arch through the removal of a wedge of bone. This repositions the toe and reduces the height of the foot arch.
  • Calcaneal osteotomy – We can use this procedure to reposition the heel bone to its correct position under the leg.
  • Fusion – There are cases—especially when a deformity causes joint damage—where it is necessary to fuse an affected joint to provide better structure.
  • Toe surgery – Cavus foot can lead to various forms of toe deformities—hammertoe, mallet toe, claw toe—and surgical procedures may be needed to correct them.

When cavus foot causes problems, Houston Foot Specialists can help. We provide effective high foot arch treatment that relieves painful symptoms and enables you to participate in favorite activities. Our Houston, TX office offers comprehensive foot care services, so contact us today. Call us at (713) 467-8886 for more information or request your appointment online.

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