Child Foot Care 101

With students on summer vacation for a little while yet, this is the prime time to engage in some fun, family-friendly activities here in Houston, TX. Of course, our city has many opportunities for families all year round! The Express Children’s Theater, Houston Symphony, Hermann Park, Miller Outdoor Theatre, Houston Zoo, and our world-class museums are all great ways to spend time with your children. Other factors will contribute, but practicing some basic child foot care will help ensure trips to our local attractions become good memories for your sons and daughters.

There are obviously many facets to your child’s health, but foot care is often neglected and frequently misunderstood. As much as we depend on them, we may not give our feet, toes, and ankles the thought and consideration they need. The following child foot care tips will help keep your sons and daughters healthy and able to enjoy their favorite activities:

  • Provide properly-fitting footwear. Many issues can develop when shoes are either too big or too small. A well-fitting pair reduces the risk of foot and ankle problems.
  • Encourage physical activity. Regular exercises and sports participation keep the lower limbs strong, flexible, and less prone to certain injuries and conditions.
  • Encourage daily hygiene. Make sure your children give some attention to their feet when bathing or showering. Mild soap and warm water can help wash away potential contaminants.
  • Bring your son or daughter in to see our medical staff at the earliest signs of an existing issue. As with most medical concerns, foot problems are more easily addressed and treated in their early stages. Additionally, we can provide tips and information to help the problem from occurring again.

No matter which of your family members are in need of exceptional podiatric services, Houston Foot Specialists is here for you. We provide comprehensive foot care services for patients of all ages, so contact us today and we will answer any questions you might have. Either call our Houston, TX office at (713) 467-8886 or take advantage of our online form to request an appointment.

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