Treatment for Child Foot Injuries

We are proud to offer a wide array of foot and ankle services for fellow members of our greater Houston, TX community. One of our favorites is being able to provide effective treatment for child foot injuries. It is highly-rewarding to relieve our young patients’ pain and enable them to return to favorite activities!

There are many different foot and ankle conditions children sustain, but some do tend to be a bit more common than others. These include issues like:

  • Ankle sprains. This is a particularly common injury for children who participate in sports, but one that can be treated effectively with conservative care. Rest, compression, and over-the-counter medication are all useful treatment options. Taking time off from intense physical activities is important, but we may recommend exercises to strengthen the injured ankle.
  • Fractures. The nature of the fracture will determine the course of treatment. Stress fractures (caused by overuse) respond well to nonsurgical care and may simply require time to heal. Fractures where the broken ends line up need stabilization. Compound and comminuted fractures likely need surgery.
  • Shin splints. If your child runs often, he or she may experience sharp pain in the shin area. This can be relieved with ice and over-the-counter pain medication. Rest is also important, but switching to low-impact activities is better than stopping all physical activity.
  • Sever’s disease. Treatment for Sever’s disease—the most common cause of child heel pain—is centered on relieving symptoms. The condition itself is essentially a “growing pain” that goes away in time (without any long-term issues). Medication, icing regimens, and rest can all help.

Of course, the best treatment for child foot injuries is to prevent them in the first place. To that end, the following measures can help:

  • Provide the correct footwear. Shoes need to be activity-appropriate and fit correctly to keep feet and ankles safe and protected.
  • Encourage warming up and stretching prior to activity. A light jog and some dynamic stretches should be done prior to sporting activities.
  • Prepare the right meals. Proper eating habits not only strengthen muscles and other essential body tissues, but they can also keep your child at a healthy bodyweight.

It is difficult to completely erase the possibility of injury, so if it strikes your child, contact our medical experts here at Houston Foot Specialists and we will provide the effective treatment your son or daughter needs. Either call our Houston, TX podiatrist office at (713) 467-8886 or request an appointment with us online today.

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