Post-Op Instructions

Our hope here at Houston Foot Specialists is to treat foot and ankle conditions with the use of conservative care. Sometimes, though, foot surgery is necessary to relieve painful symptoms and restore impaired functionality. The surgical procedures we use are a major step in helping restore your foot or ankle back to health, but the role that post-operative instructions play should certainly not be overlooked.

Following post-op instructions after your foot surgery is instrumental for ensuring timely, proper healing. This includes such elements as:

  • Medication – Patients will typically be given pain medication and antibiotics to help prevent infection. Take all prescriptions as directed. Do not use any other medications including aspirin, Ibuprofen, or Tylenol without first checking with our office.
  • Walking – Depending on your specific procedure(s), we may advise you to stay off the affected foot for at least 48-72 hours after surgery. Some procedures will require that you do not bear weight and use crutches.
  • Elevation – The more you keep your foot elevated, the less pain and swelling you will have. If not elevated, you may feel throbbing pain and bandages might feel tight. Elevation above the heart is key.
  • Post-Op Shoe/Boot – Always wear the post-op shoe or boot that is provided to you whenever you are walking. Walking without the shoe/boot may cause damage to the surgical site and could lead to an increase in pain, thereby preventing the foot or ankle from healing correctly.
  • Bandage Maintenance – The bandages help to hold the surgical correction in place so it can heal, but take care to keep them dry and clean. If you get the bandages wet, the risk of infection increases.
  • Ice – Ice should be used for 48-72 hours following your procedure to reduce pain and swelling. Ice should be placed on the foot or ankle for 15-20 minutes per hour during waking hours only.
  • Keep All Appointments – It is essential to keep all follow-up appointments with our office to monitor the progress and ensure proper healing.

These and any other post-op instructions will help you recover from your procedure in an optimal manner. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Houston, TX podiatrist office by calling (713) 467-8886. We will be glad to provide answers and any additional information you may need. Be sure to schedule your appointment with Houston Foot Specialists for all of your foot and ankle care needs!

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