Caring for Flatfoot

Flatfoot is a condition that really only needs treatment if issues are present. There are many cases of flatfoot that do not require treatment because there is no pain or other issues. At the same time, flat feet that are rigid and cause overpronation and lead to an array of issues, like heel and arch pain. In some cases, the abnormal motion results in pain experienced all the way up to the lower back.

So when flatfoot is causing problems, how can we fix them? There are several flatfoot treatment options, including:

  • Rest – When feet overpronate, they have excessive motion, which can lead to muscle fatigue. Sometimes, you just need a little extra rest to find relief from arch and heel pain.
  • Supportive shoes – This is going to be an apparent theme, but when you are not naturally receiving the arch support from normally-structured arches, you may need to switch to footwear that is more supportive. If you run, you will likely benefit from motion control shoes, so be sure to ask the associates at a store that caters to runners for these kinds of running shoes.
  • Arch supports – Over-the-counter arch supports aren’t intended to cure medical issues, but they might be able to provide the extra support your feet need. Be sure to ask our office for any specific recommendations.
  • Medication – If you are experiencing pain as the result of the condition, medication can help you find relief. Simply give us a call for our recommended types of medication and dosages.
  • Custom orthotics When store-bought inserts do not work with your feet, you may benefit from a pair of orthotics customized for them, which we can prescribe.
  • Physical therapy – Stretches and strengthening exercises, and having a professional take a look at your running form and technique, can provide further benefit.

Surgery is not performed to correct flatfoot itself, but we might recommend it to address an associated problem, like a tendon rupture or tear.

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