Choose the Right Shoes for Summer Sports

If you have a child who loves staying active, he or she may be interested in participating in one of the many summer sports camps offered here in Houston. Of course, our community provides many opportunities for children to participate in sporting activities all year-round, but this is a great time to get your son or daughter involved with golf, soccer, and even fencing!

Now, no matter the sport that most interests your child, he or she is going to need the right footwear. This is an important consideration because the right shoes for summer sports will keep your child’s feet safe and healthy.

With this in mind, the right summer sport shoes are:

  • Activity-appropriate. Every athlete needs to wear footwear that is intended for the sport he or she plays. It is possible to go for a long run in a pair of basketball shoes or play hoops in running shoes, but this can increase injury risk. Instead, provide your child with the right shoes for his or her sport.
  • Breathable. You should always opt for footwear that is constructed of breathable materials (leather, nylon mesh) to reduce the risk of fungal infections, including athlete’s foot, but this especially holds true in our Houston summers. Feet rely on sweet to regulate their temperature and keep them cool. Unfortunately, microorganisms thrive on this moisture. Shoes that allow the feet to breathe, though, reduce the risk of athlete’s foot and stinky feet.
  • Well-fitting. Your child needs shoes that fit correctly, especially when performing sports that place greater force loads on the lower limbs. Make sure your son or daughter can wiggle his or her toes (which means shoes that are not too tight in the front) and that the heel is firmly cradled (which means the feet will not slide around inside). A proper fit can help prevent toe issues, ankle injuries, and a range of other common foot and ankle concerns.

Picking the right shoes for summer sports is a key component of smart foot health. Ensure that your child’s feet and ankles are protected and supported by well-constructed footwear that fits correctly and you will reduce the risk that her or she develops a lower limb issue. If any of your family members are planning on playing sports this summer and you have questions regarding athletic shoes, give us a call at (713) 467-8886 and we will be glad to help.

In the event a sports injury does happen to a foot or ankle, contact Houston Foot Specialists and we will diagnose the injury and provide an effective treatment plan for you or your loved one!

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