Diabetic Foot Care Tips

Diabetic Foot CareIn a large city like Houston, volunteer opportunities abound for anyone who wishes to make a difference in the community. Houston Foot Specialists understands the importance of diabetic foot care for the lives of those who have diabetes, so we suggest reaching out to the American Diabetes Association to volunteer your time. They are looking for everything from camp counselors to individuals willing to do general outreach, awareness, and education, and you can make a big difference in the lives of those with this disease.

Perhaps you are one of those individuals who are afflicted with diabetes and simply need help managing your condition. Well, as Houston foot specialists, we know a thing or two about diabetic foot care and can help you avoid potentially dire situations that can arise if you aren’t careful. With this in mind, here are some steps you should take:

  • The first step when it comes to your foot care is to inspect your feet every day, including the bottoms. Check for blisters, cuts, swelling, and spots. Should you observe anything unusual, call us right away to make the earliest appointment possible. If you cannot see the bottoms of your feet, have a loved one help or use a mirror.
  • Wash your feet with mild soap and warm (not hot!) water daily. After they are clean, dry them thoroughly, especially between your toes. This will help prevent fungal infections.
  • Prevent the dangers that can accompany dry skin—cuts, infections—by moisturizing the tops, bottoms, and heels. Do not apply lotion between your toes, though, because that can create a welcome environment for fungus and bacteria.
  • Always wear socks and shoes. Walking barefoot or in sandals opens the possibility of suffering from a cut or abrasion that may become infected.
  • Come to our office as soon as possible following any injury or if you see anything unusual. Early treatment is essential for deterring larger problems.

If you live with diabetes, you should already have a plan to come in and have your feet examined by a foot specialist at least once a year. If you aren’t committed to doing so, start now. Aleisha Allen, DPM, and the caring staff at Houston Foot Specialists want you to be at your healthiest and will create a comprehensive diabetic foot care plan with you. Contact our office by calling (713) 467-8886 or using our online form today.